How It Works

You set up your iWatchLifeZones. When an activity occurs within these zones, your camera will start recording while sending the encrypted recording to your secure private cloud account. Simultaneously, the iWatchLife system will notify you via email that an event is occurring. You have the option to review the activity now or later on – your recording will be stored securely so you can access it whenever you want.

How iWatchLife Works

Why iWatchLife is Better Than the Rest:

Activity Recognition

smart-eventiWatchLife gives you control—draw a zone in your camera’s field of view and be notified in real time when activity happens in the designated area. Traditional motion detection simply looks for changes in what the camera is seeing. It results in many false alerts because it can be triggered by shadows, light flashes or small movements by unimportant objects like leaves, branches or curtains. iWatchLife’s Activity Recognition technology will ONLY alert you when something significant happens, greatly reducing the number of false alerts you receive.

Secure Online Account


iWatchLife uses bank-level security to ensure that your live and stored video are safe and secure, even on open wireless networks. Your video is encrypted on the camera before it is transmitted to the cloud and streamed securely to your devices using SSL encryption. By default all video is private and you control sharing rights.

No Wasted Bandwidth

No-Wasted-BandwidthCompeting products work by recording everything. This means that a constant stream of high definition video is being uploaded and is using up your valuable bandwidth. The vast majority of this video is wasted. iWatchLife uses advanced algorithms to record only what is truly important. As a result, we use a fraction of the bandwidth.