Slide backgroundConnecting you to your people, places and pets in a secure cloud environment

There are lots of great things to do

Sifting through hours of video isn’t one of them.

With iWatchLife video security and monitoring, you decide what’s important. iWatchLife works for you, recording and alerting you to what matters, and filtering out what doesn’t.
So you’ll have more time for the things you really want to do.

iWatchLife's Cloud Storage API

iWatchLife saves your video to the cloud, so it doesn’t fill up your hard drives. Even if the camera is tampered with, your video is safely stored in our secure cloud environment.

iWatchLife spares bandwidth and saves money

iWatchLife uses proprietary Trickle Monitoring technology to keep video streaming to a minimum, so it spares bandwidth and won’t cause costly data overages.

Create activity zones so that you only record important activity and don’t have to review hours of footage to see what matters.

Schedule iWatchLife to record only when you are away from home.

iWatchLife's Mobile Interface

View live or recorded from anywhere using your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone, or computer.

See what matters with iWatchLife

Rely on iWatchLife to notify you when critical events occur. Using patented technology, iWatchLife subjects video to two layers of analytics before emailing a notification to you in real time. This translates to a high degree of accuracy with minimal false alerts!

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Save your bandwidth

iWatchLife is so efficient that five cameras powered by iWatchLife consume about the same amount of bandwidth as one camera that records continuously. So go ahead and use your bandwidth for streaming movies or playing online games. iWatchLife won’t slow you down.