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We alert you only when you want us to,
ignoring things like:


A leaf blowing across the driveway

A leaf blowing across the driveway

A person walking a dog on the sidewalk

A person walking a dog on the sidewalk

A car driving down the street

A car driving down the street





Free up your network and storage

iWatchLife doesn’t record 24/7, so it frees up your network and won’t fill up your storage, even with multiple cameras.

So go ahead and watch streaming movies while the kids play video games.

Activity Recognition

Only records activity in zones you create



Records only at times you schedule


A leaf blowing across the driveway

Saves to the cloud so it doesn’t bog down your network or fill up your hard drives


Know what’s happening at home

Smart, secure, cloud video monitoring you can access from anywhere,
with real-time alerts.

iWatchLife reduces annoying false alerts
that suck up your time

iWatchLife uses patent-protected Activity Recognition technology to record only what matters to you and send you an alert in real time.

Other systems that use basic motion detection record–and alert you about–every little thing that happens. That can get old fast.

Easily create custom zones around what matters to you.

Super easy to create custom activity zones

Our easy-to-use software lets you draw custom zones around the things you’re interested in. Highlight doors, windows, the baby’s crib, the couch you told your dog to stay off of—whatever you want, as many as you like—simply by selecting an area within your camera’s field of view and dragging with your mouse.

When something happens in your unique, targeted zones,
you’ll be notified in real time.


Feel safe with your iWatchLife secure cloud account

iWatchLife uses bank-level security to ensure that your live and stored video is safe and secure, even on open wireless networks. Your video is encrypted on the camera before it is transmitted to the cloud, and streamed securely to your devices using SSL encryption.

Monitor from anywhere with your iOS or Android device, or computer

Anytime, anywhere

See your Samsung SmartCam live view and recorded video from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, anytime, anywhere.


Stick to your budget

We understand that almost everyone is on a budget. That’s why our two premium services are brilliantly affordable. All you need to use it is a Samsung SNH-1011 IP SmartCam (new and refurbished available).

  • Starter ($59/yr)
  • Activity Recognition
  • iWatchZones
  • 15 days of recorded video retention
  • 75 hours of scheduled recordings
  • Essential ($99/yr)
  • Activity Recognition
  • iWatchZones
  • 30 days of recorded video retention
  • 200 hours of scheduled recordings

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Home security and monitoring that won’t
break the bank

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